Who is Tensorcom?

Tensorcom develops low-power wireless chips

Our ultra low-power, low-cost wireless CMOS chipset and modules are IEEE 802.11ad compliant, and enable blazing-fast wireless data transfers using the 60 GHz spectrum.

Tensorcom’s low-power chipsets and modules target wireless sync-and-go applications in smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, storage devices, and more. With speeds more than 10 times faster than today's wireless LANs, the next-generation of wireless entertainment and networking becomes reality:

  • Instantly stream HD video to your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, or HDTV
  • Wirelessly share high-resolution photos or video from your digital camera or HD camcorder
  • Backup GBs of data to a wireless hard drive in seconds
  • Connect a tablet or laptop to a projector without any cables

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Tensorcom Wireless Ecosystem
Industry Leader

Tensorcom is a leader in IEEE 802.11.ad and the development of ultra-low power chipsets that combine the high performance of new standards with the universal connectivity enabled by existing IEEE compliant wireless technology.

Future of Wireless

With a commitment to innovation in low-power design at high data rates, we are accelerating the evolution of wireless technology.

Expert Knowledge

Our team has world-class expertise and a proven record in low-power SoC systems architecture design and standards development.

Green Electronics

While many companies offer medium-to-high power 802.11ad technology, we are creating more energy-efficient chipsets for 60 GHz applications, enabling thinner, lighter, more compact, mobile devices.

Benefits of 802.11ad

Operating at the 60 GHz spectrum and offering speeds of up to 7 Gb/s, 802.11ad is the next-generation of high-speed wireless technology. The 60 GHz wireless band is desirable because very few devices and technologies currently use the 60 GHz band. Regulation of the 60 GHz band is minimal, and it allows very fast data transfer rates, compared to existing wireless options that operate in lower 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless bands.

By offering speeds more than 16 times faster than single stream 802.11ac, and at less than one quarter of the power, Tensorcom’s 802.11ad modules enable wireless applications that were never before possible. Multi-gigabit wireless communications between consumer electronics, mobile devices, and PCs means that you'll be able to instantly stream uncompressed HD video to an HDTV, sync devices at the push of a button, share high-resolution photos from a digital camera – all without any cables or wires.

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WiGig Speed Comparison

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